I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been involved in the creative process of branding both for businesses, sub-brands and projects I have been involved in and also working with clients during the 15 years we ran our marketing consultancy. It’s so much more challenging to do this for yourself when you are so close to it! Thank goodness for valued and talented former colleague, Sacha McKenzie, who has supported us in the process and come up with the goods, as always!

The name took ages! Finding a name that wasn’t already being used, is a bit different and, as importantly, that both Petra and I could relate to wasn’t easy! But a caffeine-fuelled brainstorm one Saturday morning in Peckham’s on Byres Road and a rush of excitement (or was it just the caffeine?) told us we had found it – time will tell but ‘Balanced by Nature’ is the seed that was planted that morning!

Our overall purpose is to support others on their journey through personal transformation. We do this through bringing our clients into balance using bodywork and yoga. We use natural, well proven methods inspired by nature. We help clients understand their own connection to nature and to become inspired to optimise their personal and professional potential and transform their own lives, the lives of others and the earth itself. This is what inspired our name, ‘Balanced by Nature’.

Next step was to develop an identity around the name. We did our research and worked up some initial ideas and I was reminded of a petroglyph I had come across on a walk up Scotland’s iconic and sacred hill, Schiehallion, last year. This was to become the inspiration for the 7 spiral symbol we adopted as part of the ‘Balanced by Nature’ identity.

I couldn’t find any specific references to the petroglyph at the top of Schiehallion and still wonder today how old it is, who made it and what it symbolises. I did come across a reference to something similar carved into the rock of one of the entrance stones at the prehistoric Newgrange monument in County Meath, Ireland. Newgrange dates from 3200 BCE. The celtic triskell arrived later and is much more commonly seen.

What resonates with us is the movement, the flow and the balance which for different traditions have represented the universal pattern of growth and evolution, even life force energy. Spirals occur readily in nature and can be found in plants, weather formations, minerals, animals and even within our own human physiology.

The spiral also represents the journey each of us must take inwards to know the uniqueness of who we really are through the different energetic layers that make up our being human (human being). We journey outwards again into the world filled with more love and more aligned to our true self and our purpose. This is a continuing journey, inwards and outwards, in again and out, surrendering and releasing. As we go deeper and deeper we learn to accept change, to heal ourselves and we evolve!

We reach out to you offering our support that we may walk together a while on our respective journeys, making new discoveries, accepting, rebalancing and evolving!

We would love to hear your thoughts on any of the aspects raised in this post.

Thank you for being here!



Spirals petroglyph at top of Schiehallion
Photo by Mark Henderson

View from the top of Schiehallion Photo by Mark Henderson

Spirals on Newgrange entrance stone
Photo from www.newgrange.com

Photo by Mark Henderson

Photo by Mark Henderson