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Transformational Change Coach

Mark Henderson, Transformational Change Coach

I am a transformational change coach passionate about supporting clients to become the best they can be. Ups and downs are part of life for everyone and what I do as a coach is to help clients as they navigate around the marshes and develop strategies to get them standing on the mountain top.

I support clients as they review their life purpose and check that their current compass bearing is aligned to that purpose. It is on that aligned bearing that we can experience what Maslow called ‘self-actualisation’.  

Sharing my 25 years of business experience

My experience as a business leader, entrepreneur and consultant for over 25 years has given me invaluable insights into what it’s like to lead and to manage organisations and this adds another dimension to the value I offer clients as a coach and a mentor.

Inspired by Natural Intelligence

The Earth has existed for 4.6 billion years in a constant state of successful evolution. Where else can we find the inspiration for supporting our own growth and evolution? When we re-align ourselves with the natural intelligence of nature we are tapping into a profound source of wisdom to help us thrive. In my coaching practice I introduce a range of tools and exercises to help clients realign with this natural intelligence.  

For me, transformational change coaching is about working with clients in a thought-provoking and creative way that’s informed by their own connection to nature and inspires them to optimise their personal and professional potential and transform their own lives, the lives of others and the earth itself.

Coaching Session Frequency and Investment

In order to reap the greatest benefit from coaching it makes sense for both parties to make a commitment to an initial number of sessions over an agreed period of time. This will depend on individual circumstances and the client’s needs and objectives.


“Mark’s strength is demonstrated in his ability to ask powerful questions and pace the session so that I could reflect upon them thoroughly and gain useful insight for my transformation.”

Claire Zhu

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Next Steps

If this sounds of interest then I suggest an initial discussion. This is an opportunity for both parties to feel into whether they can collaborate well together and to explore the overall objectives of the coaching series. This helps to shape the coaching agreement which becomes the next step prior to the start of the coaching sessions.

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