We humans are more powerful than we can possibly imagine because each of us has the ability to become the master of our own mind and to tap into the quantum field of possibility!

Do you recognise this?

Unfortunately, instead of being designed to help us develop, master and unleash this power, the societies most of us grew up in, programme us to conform, to feel inadequate and small and to feel lack and fear!

This leaves us with work to do when we realise what’s happened and decide we want to remove those limitations and change those old patterns. This takes clear intention, structure and self-discipline and is a journey that takes time as we do our shadow work and peel off old layers and then create new neural pathways that spark new desired behaviours and ways of being.

I know I am still working with those self- sabotaging thoughts and questions like, “Who do you think you are? Do you really deserve that? You have been so lucky so far – watch out, it could soon run out!”. Yes, mmm, that last one in particular but they are all a work in progress.

Negative thoughts and doubts restrict us. Each of us is loved, respected and supported beyond what we can possibly imagine and the quantum field responds to our questions and reinforces what we focus on. So, guess what? We find ourselves, time and again, experiencing situations that affirm our negative thoughts and doubts about ourselves.

There is no substitute for the gradual releasing of what no longer serves us at the level of the unconscious mind but there are also tools that we can adopt to help open us up to the new possibilities we dream of.

How about this for reframing?

One such tool came to me from Christie Marie Sheldon, abundance coach, via another fellow coach, Jonathan Klodt. Thank you both! This is the concept of ‘Lofty Questions’ which raise us up and when part of our regular focus, can lift us to a higher vibration that attracts what we really want to experience and become!

A lofty question is a reframing of our dreams and desires by asking, “Why do I have……?”. e.g. “Why do I have such an incredible circle of friends who love me for who I am and support and inspire me to be the best version of myself?”

We are all still in the process of formulating and certainly manifesting our dreams so your lofty questions should be big, bold, beautiful and courageous and the more they make your hairs stand on end the better!

So, let me share a couple of mine with you…

“Why is that I am involved in some of the most amazing regenerative projects and are able to contribute to the restoration of people, organisations, society and the planet?”


“Why do I have a constant flow of amazing, purpose-driven clients whom I add incredible value to and who inspire and reward me in equal measure?”

“How can I become the best possible version of myself in each and every moment and inspire others to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives?” 

“Why do I see my levels of health, fitness, balance, presence and coherence grow every day?”

“Why is it that I constantly find myself in naturally beautiful places that inspire me to deepen my connection to my inner nature and support all aspects of my personal growth?”


Isn’t it wonderful how these questions open our hearts and expand our minds?

Over to you…

Hopefully you get the idea now and I encourage you to come up with your own lofty questions. Even this simple process can be challenging but yes, you can and yes, you are worth it!

I recommend keeping these close at hand and sitting with them every morning and in the evening before you fall asleep. Become inspired by the possibility they offer and feel the excitement and the energy it generates flow through you!

My tip is to set the intention of a daily focus on your lofty questions for just a week, then another, and another and once you have managed a whole month you are more likely to be drawn to them as a positive new habit that energises and supports you! Keep going and see what you discover!

Please share your thoughts on this and I am really excited to hear what unfolds for you!

Creating the future we long for is down to each of us and starts within.