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Mark Utbildning


Nature Connected Coach Training Program, april – november 2018


Kinetic Chain Release och Connective Tissue Release

Kinetic Chain Release Masters Class, Hawaii, februari 2018,

Level 1: “The Return to Balance”, november 2011,

Level 2: “The Body Remembers and the Heart Already Knows”, september 2016,

Level 3: “Visions of the Past, Memories of the Future”, juni 2017,

Connective Tissue Release, april 2017,

Connective Tissue Rebooting – The Hugh Gilbert Approach to treatment, level 1 och level 2 (maj 2017)

Advanced Postural Energetics, oktober 2016

Personlig utveckling

The Divine Love Course, Andrew Harvey, 2017

Conscious Business, Humanities Team, 2016

Bambu Kunning Bali retreat, mars 2015,

Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Dr. Jean Houston, 2013

Leading the Self, conscious development – doorways to wholeness and balance, 2002-2003

Deepak Chopra, 1999

Silent 10-day retreat, Suan Mokh Monstery, Thailand, juni 1990,