I now recognise that the course of my life has been steered by my desire to bring my work activity into balance with my values as I have sought to find purpose and meaning. 

After 10 years working in the jewellery and watch trade I found more meaning working with small & medium sized business owners as a strategic marketing and branding consultant and trainer. Working with clients that were bringing sustainable solutions to market resonated deeply with me and led to the idea for a new business.

At Ecoliving, we were at the forefront of accelerating the adoption of renewable energy solutions for households and businesses in the UK. 12 years down the line, hundreds of people trained in microgeneration technologies, thousands of installations completed and millions of tons of CO₂ emissions saved and it was time to sell to a larger organisation capable of developing the business in the mainstream.

For me, time to re-evaluate and assess how best I can embody my purpose which is to heal myself, others and the earth and raise consciousness to accelerate our transition to a sustainable and harmonious planet.

My journey of self-healing and restoring balance during the stress of leading a business in a new, turbulent market led me to meditation, self-inquiry and an ever deepening connection to nature.

I discovered that to feel in balance and empowered I needed different aspects of me, my being, to feel nourished. I experienced this as distinct needs:

  • for healthy food, exercise and time in inspiring nature, 
  • for ‘me’ time and daily relaxation over and above sleep, 
  • for meditation, spiritual development and contemplation time

When I catered to these needs, I noticed how I became calm, contented and balanced, able to accept and deal with whatever challenges I was facing.

I now realise that these different aspects I felt relate to what the yogic tradition calls the ‘gross’, ‘subtle’ and ‘causal’ bodies or the five ‘koshas’ as the ancient yogis called them, making a further distinction between the progressively subtler energetic bodies that make up our being.

Over the last seven years I have invested in new skills and taken numerous training sessions, been on retreats and applied the training in practice. This training includes various bodywork and energy modalities as well as becoming a Nature Connected Coach. 

It is with a heartfelt passion and excitement that I now offer my gifts and more recently developed skills, woven into the experience I have accumulated over many years of life and as a business leader and entrepreneur. It is a privilege to be doing this alongside my life partner, Petra, under the ‘Balanced by Nature’ banner. 


Jag pratar svenska flytande men föredrar att uttrycka mig skriftligt på engelska.